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The Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council (SISC) is a not-for-profit association of professionals from governments (federal, provincial, municipal), industry, and non-government organizations. Council members are knowledgeable on invasive species and their management. The SISC was formed in 2008 to increase coordination and improve understanding of invasive species within Saskatchewan and across Canada.

Recognizing that managing invasive species is a shared responsibility among stakeholders, the Council will:

  • Foster awareness and understanding of invasive species issues

  • Encourage action to help detect, prevent, and manage invasive species

  • Bridge mandates and encourage partnerships and dialogue between organizations and stakeholders, including government agencies, invasive species councils and associations, landowners and occupants, industry, research, academia, and the general public.

  • Serve as a respected repository and source of credible information and resources on invasive species in Saskatchewan and Canada

  • Work toward becoming the lead agency to coordinate and enable shared responsibility of invasive species management in Saskatchewan and Canada

  • Liaise with other provincial, territorial, regional, and state councils to create a multi-jurisdictional network against invasive species

  • Provide a forum to pursue cooperative and innovative solutions

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