Economic Impact Assessment of Leafy Spurge in Southern Manitoba - Final Report 2010

This document gives an in-depth view into the impacts of leafy spurge in many different areas of Manitoba's economy.  The results from this study can be applied to other regions in Canada that are dealing with leafy spurge, and can imply the potential impact of a leafy spurge invasion into a weed-free region.  It can downloaded here.


Invasive Alien Plant Program

This website gives an overview of the Invasive Alien Plant Program. In this program, municipalities are given assistance to develop weed management programs to eradicate, contain and control invasive plant species. To read more about the program, click here.

If you would like more information, click to email Harvey Anderson.


Managing Vertebrate Invasive Species - Published

An international meeting convened in 2007 to highlight research,management, and public education campaigns for managing invasive birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Proceedings of that international symposium have been published  and are available online at as individual papers, or can be ordered as a complete document in hardcopy format.


Trinational Risk Assessment Guidelines for Aquatic Alien Invasive Species

This publication, by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation, provides a risk assessment of all 5 snakehead fish species and armoured catfishes, noting how they may enter Canada, the potential for colonizing in Canada and  the spread potential.  It is summarized by looking at the consequences that would allow establishment in Canada. Click here to read the full publication.




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