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http://www.imapinvasives.org/skimi This website is a database and mapping system aimed at land managers and owners including rural municipalities, community pastures, parks, urban areas, government agencies, or conservation organizations. Concerned members of the general public are encouraged to use it as well.  To report an invasive plant spiceis location on this site, you will need to apply for a free user account.  There is also a map display option where you can view maps of invasive species that have been reported to the site, and a number of tools such as forms and templates to help land managers record, track and manage their invasive species occurrences.  As iMapInvasives system is also used in the U.S., data from participating states can also been viewed.

• Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre

http://www.biodiversity.sk.ca/ The Saskatchewan Conservation Data Centre gathers, interprets and distributes information on the ecological status of wild species and communities.


http://www.eddmaps.org/ This is an international (Canada and the U.S.) website that that has database and mapping system similar to iMapInvasives.  Although the Province of Saskatchewan doesn't subscribe to EDDMapS, it does contain relevant data of invasive species occurrences in Saskatchewan that can be viewed with a free user account.  Alberta and Manitoba officially subscribe to EDDMapS, so there is a large body of invasive species information on those provinces, as well as neighbouring U.S. states such as Montana and North Dakota. 

• Contact Us

Have you seen an invasive species and don't have time for the websites above or don't know who to call?  Tell us!  We'll make sure your report gets to the right place.


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